Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ideas for Using Google Drive in the Classroom

I am so happy that our school district uses Google Apps for Education (GAFE) for several reasons. Particularly, Google Drive is fabulous because:

  • the kids use it 
  • it's accessible anywhere (not just on our school network)
  • it works (!)
  • resources for how to use it are available everywhere you look! (Just Google it!) (Ok, that was cheesy)

A member of the Google+ Community "Using Google Apps as a Free LMS" posted this fantastic video with great ideas, Using Google Drive with a textbook in the classroom:

What I love about it is that Andreas Hofer demonstrates specific uses for how a teacher could teach a lesson using Google Drive; from having students check their answers to listening to audio files for a comprehension exercise. He makes it look so easy! A summarized list of some concepts he covered:
  1. Sharing the folders and making them viewable to the public
  2. Animating text on the Slides to reveal answers
  3. Inserting a Drawing shape to cover up answers
  4. Using media to enrich the textbook: Inserting a video, an image, and an audio file
  5. Using the Snagit extension to select an image of the digital textbook
  6. Linking directly to items in your Google Drive
This video was helpful for giving me ideas to take to teacher trainings. I subscribed to his channel to see what else he cares to share!

PS: Take a look at the video's transcript. :D