Thursday, March 13, 2014

Making Your Lessons RAD!

When choosing educational technology for a lesson, ask yourself, is it RAD? RAD stands for Relevant, Adaptive, and Dedicated to education. Whether you are updating the curriculum or starting from scratch, every Ed Tech lesson can be RAD

Is the technology relevant to the students and to the lesson? 

Can the technology be adapted to the curriculum and to the standards?  

Dedicated to education
Is the technology dedicated to improving student learning? 

Why being RAD is cool
When analyzing a lesson, make sure that the technology you incorporate has purpose. It should engage the students and get them excited about the learning. As a result, their assessments will be impressive! Most importantly, dedicate yourself to using the technology and don't give up if it doesn't work perfectly the first time. I know it can be scary to introduce something new to your already wonderful lesson, but keep in mind that amping it up with technology doesn't have to be hard or mean changing the learning outcome altogether. Rather, it's just more rad than before. :) (Can you tell that I love the word rad?)

Students today learn differently from those even five years ago. They have anytime-anywhere access to information with mobile technologies. They have the ability to instantly connect with others globally via social media (eg. Twitter, Instagram, video conferencing with Google Hangouts or Safari Montage Live). They can crowd source and curate like never before. And schools are changing their mobile device usage rules to allow for BYOD and one-to-one. So you owe it to your students (and to yourself!) to revamp those oldie-but-goodie lessons every now and then. Make a mental RAD checklist before you implement any technology in your classroom and you and your students are more likely to enjoy a positive, educational experience. Make it a lesson that you can be proud of! Make it RAD!