Friday, August 8, 2014

Reflecting on ETSI & Google Summer Camp

ETSI selfie wall! Party of 5!
What a whirlwind the last two weeks have been for our Instructional Technology team! We successfully completed our first Educational Technology Summer Institute (ETSI) AND our first Google Summer Camp! From conception to completion, planning and executing these trainings has been nothing but MAGICAL!!

Jump on Twitter and follow these hashtags to see the magical goings on for #pisdetsi and #pisdgoogle! I was impressed to see novice Twitter users jump in head first into the Twittersphere the last couple of weeks. So proud to see them connect with other teachers and get new ideas for implementing tech tools and techniques in their classrooms and for their staff.

Reflecting on my favorite, stand-out moments throughout the trainings:
  • Stepping out of my comfort zone by providing less sit-and-get instruction and more teacher-driven learning,
  • Giving a mini-EdCamp a try at ETSI and seeing it work wonderfully! Teachers stepped up to the challenge (just like I had hoped and encouraged!) and enjoyed the opportunity to learn from each other,
  • Carefully reading our Google Summer Camp evaluations from teachers and then adjusting the structure of the event to differentiate our delivery and instruction,
  • Building relationships with ed tech leaders in our district and really listening to them. Sometimes teachers just need a sounding board. :)
  • Hearing from four foward-thinking, diverse, articulate, fearless principals who so graciously participated in our Principals Panel discussion at ETSI. I know they appreciated the opportunity to voice their vision for campus leadership and the teachers seemed to hang onto their every word!
  • Receiving an applause when we announced our plan to each adopt a campus to team up with and provide ed tech support. What a warm welcome!
These experiences have validated my confidence in my team to pull something like this off! I thank Harriet, Nancy, Clara, and Barbara for making this event a success. Not to mention our CTA Barbara S. and the whole Instructional Technology Department for making this possible: Mary, Douglas, Tara, Laura, Dana, Tracy, Robin, and my boyfriend Jason (for moral & tech support!).

I look forward to following up with our campus leaders and to helping them use what they learned to make a difference in their classrooms.

Ashley Marquez leading an
 Instragram discussion at Mini-EdCamp
Ramy Mahmoud (Teacher of the Year 2013!) teaching
"A Flippin' Success" at Mini-EdCamp
One of our Trends in Technology sessions:
Mystery Skyping! (Pictured: Kelly Parrish)
Twitter Wall! Expanding our PLNs!

Participants scanning a QR Code that takes them to
a Google Form evaluation. Easy!
Maker Movement creation by Rebecca Bailey
(obviously an art teacher!). Her name is
ETSI the Robot!
Ed Tech Leadership activity -
What's the diff. bet. "Using Tech." and
"Tech Integration"; Dealing with tech-resistant teachers;
Characteristics of an Ed Tech Leader; Developing a PLC.

Clara & Nancy getting ready for
Google Summer Camp!