Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Edcamp Reflection

Say what?!

Don't know what an edcamp is? Watch this!

My answers to an edcamp survey

I received an email request recently to complete a survey (in a Google Form! #love) to provide feedback on my edcamp experiences. I gladly obliged and as I was entering my answers, it struck me how impactful edcamps have been on my professional relationships, my practice, and my approach to learning. I wanted to share some of my answers to the survey. I sprinkled a few of my favorite images to accentuate my points. (I'm a quote hoarder on Pinterest, btw). If you have ever been to an edcamp, do you share some of the same experiences? Please add your comments below to keep the conversation going.

How have you changed your practice because of your Edcamp experience?

As an Instructional Tech Specialist, I have approached the planning of technology training and professional learning differently. Edcamps have helped me see the benefit in giving teachers choice and voice in their professional learning. For example, rather than my team of five designing summer tech trainings like we've always done it, where we lead it, we opened it up to let teachers "apply" to facilitate summer classes. We "accepted" every session and it was a huge hit! Most classes have been full all summer. Teachers LOVE to learn from each other!

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How supportive has your school/colleagues been with what you brought back from edcamp?

I'm lucky to work in a very supportive environment. My colleagues have welcomed the ideas I've brought back from edcamps. Principals love the idea and some have adopted the edcamp model for professional learning on their campuses! I can't wait to attend the Like-Campus edcamp among 10 elementary schools in our district this month! And help organize an edcamp for the staff of two high schools next week!

What impact do you perceive edcamp is having on student learning?

Article: The Person Doing the Work is Doing the Learning
In this position, I work more with teachers than directly with students. I think that the teachers who attended edcamps with me realize that relinquishing some control as a teacher can positively impact student learning.
I think it's encouraged the "guide on the side" student-centered method of teaching rather than the "sage on the stage" or teacher-centric method.
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What evidence have you seen of this perceived impact?

I've seen teachers become more confident with using technology and taking risks with trying new things! Putting the learning in the hands of the students results in an explosion of creativity! And fostering a collaborative team environment gives students the opportunity to learn from each other.

What relationship have you seen between edcamp and online professional activities?

I see the relationship between edcamps and online professional activities being that teachers from different schools are gathering to have conversations about what is working for them in their classrooms and sharing strategies that will make them more skilled at their practice. Both on- and offline, they're building their PLN (professional learning network).

In what way have you maintained communication with those you've met at edcamps?

Twitter is my main source for connecting other educators. I have followed, Tweeted, Direct Messaged, Favorited, and Retweeted several educators that I've met at edcamps to ask questions or share our learning.

I appreciated the opportunity to reflect on my edcamp experiences through that survey. Thanks for indulging me, y'all! :)

edcamp Global - something I'm very proud of! :)