Friday, December 11, 2015

Chrome Extensions that Rock!

At yesterday's Lunch & Learn at an early childhood school, teachers wanted to learn about how Chrome Extensions work and which ones improve instruction, productivity, and organization. Here is a super short list with descriptions of some of my favorites!

How to Add Extensions

Put simply, to add Extensions or Apps to your browser, go to the Chrome Web Store, search for the Extension/App by name, and click Add to Chrome next to the one you want.

My Favorite Extensions

Read & Write – hear words on a page read aloud! And more features for writing and studying like text to speech, highlighting, suggestions for and meaning of words, etc. URL shortener – shortens the link to a more manageable length, making it easier for people to write down. Also provides a QR Code to scan!

OneTab – combines all open tabs into one page of a list of the links to each website. I especially like this tool for collecting all my open tabs into one at the end of the day so I can easily pick up where I left off the next day. By clicking “Share as a web page” you can easily share your resources with others. You can name the tab group by clicking More and then Name this tab group.

To open it to view previously saved tab groups, right click the extension and choose Display One Tab.

Save to Drive – saves articles, images, etc. directly to your Google Drive. You can even right-click an image on a website and save it to Google Drive. No downloading/uploading needed!

Clearly – de-clutters a site and lets you highlight text (among other things!)

Google Translate – translates a page to the language of your choice

TechSmith SnagIt – lets you capture a screenclipping, annotate it with arrows/circles/text boxes, and then either download it or copy the URL to it! You can even record your screen with it and make animated GIFs, like the one I made above! This one is my fave because I can quickly and easily create instructions in the form of an annotated screenshot or video and email it to a teacher to answer his/her question. Think of what students can create! I would have had my marketing students create demos of how to navigate a website, show their work, or create instructional how-tos. Oh, and SnagIt automatically saves your screenshots/videos to a folder in Google Drive for you! 

What's Your Favorite?

Which one's are your faves? Please comment with your favorite app/extension and why!