Sunday, February 21, 2016

Search Smart

As I prepare for the Google Educator Level 1 certification test, I'm collecting really great resources provided by the Google Training Center. Particularly, knowing how to search smart using Google seemed blog-worthy to me.

Valid & Reliable

Students need our help to learn how to evaluate search results for accurate and reliable information. In this video the teacher describes great strategies to help students conduct Google searches. She suggests considering the "Rule of 3" (comparing 3 resources before coming to a conclusion on a topic), domain extensions (.com, .org, .gov, etc.), and the author's point of view, among others, when conducting a Google search.

Narrow Your Search

Did you know that you can narrow a Google search with filters, search tools, and modifiers? Print this poster for your classroom! Nifty Modifiers Poster

Become an Online Sleuth

Use this lesson with your students tomorrowBecoming an Online Sleuth
The comparison chart on Page 5 has a checklist for students to evaluate three web resources. Love it!

Why Teach How to Search?

Lesson Plans

Google Search Education has a complete curriculum for teaching students how to search! Check out this link for details: