Monday, April 4, 2016

Upcoming Learning Opportunities in the NTX!

As educators, we know that in order to be effective in the classroom/campus, we must never stop learning. I urge you to connect with others on your campus by joining a professional learning community (PLC), starting a special interest group (SIG), expanding your professional learning network (PLN) via social media (Twitter, Google+ Communities, etc.), and attending conferences when you can. If you need help getting started with any of these, please email me or Tweet me or Google+ me. :)

My colleague, Clara Alaniz, created a lovely comprehensive list of upcoming conferences in the North Texas area. She blogged about it on our Plano ISD Tech-tastic blog today.

We will be at the Region 11 E-merge, TXGoo conference in Frisco (presenting!), Region 10 Tech Conference (presenting!), McKinney ISD's Converge, PISD's SEA (presenting!), Edcamp Global online conference (facilitating!), and PISD's ETSI (organizing!). We hope to see you there.