Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Easily Share Form Results

A teacher recently asked me how to share form results with her principal after exhausting every option. It seems like there would be a simple solution. However, the form results vary in format so you need to know exactly what you want. Pick the best option for the person with whom you're sharing the results.

Option 1 - Share the Spreadsheet of Results
Pros - details, user can click on Form, Summary of Results to see charts
Cons - ugly, you might have to instruct the user how to view the Summary of Results

Option 2 - Share Editing Rights to the Form
Pro - user can see everything
Cons - user might not know how Forms work, how to find the results, maybe you don't want them to have editing rights

Option 3 - Share the PDF of the Summary of Results
Pros - easy to view, easy to email to someone, easy to print, pretty, my favorite
Con - a few extra clicks on your part

Sharing a PDF of the Summary of Results

1. Open your Google Form

2. Click Responses

3. Click the Spreadsheet button

4. In the spreadsheet of results, from the menu at the top go to Form, Show Summary of Responses.

5. Right-click on the Summary of Responses and choose Print.

6. Change the printer to PDF

7. Save as PDF and now you can email or print that PDF easily for others to see results. 

As always let me know if you have any questions. I'm here to help!